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gender based violence


A nonprofit organisation with the same philosophy as Chiropractic - to make lasting change you need to start at the root cause of the problem. 


Caley Chiropractic has joined forces with The Justice Desk, an award winning Human Rights NPO in South Africa, by volunteering chiropractic care. Human Rights work often comes with exposure to various traumas, both physical and emotional. Many of the environments and the circumstances in which The Justice Desk works, are cause for tension and stress to manifest within the body.  It is vital for every member of the team to function at the best of their ability to continue positively impacting the lives of those in their projects. This is where Caley Chiropractic comes in, offering chiropractic to the TJD team in their personal capacities, so that they can continue their life-changing work!

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Caley Chiropractic has also come on board in supporting The Justice Desk's flagship project, “The Mbokodo Club”. The project aims to empower and mentor young girl survivors of Gender Based Violence from the community of Nyanga. This is done through self-defence, female empowerment workshops and mental health support. Dr Caley will be adjusting members of the community within this project to help their bodies function and adapt to the best of their potentials. Our ability to effectively relate to and adapt to stress is controlled by the nervous system. 

Should you like to assist Caley Chiropractic and The Justice Desk in their mission to positively impact the lives of others through Human Rights and HEALth, become an ‘Everyday Activist’ by sponsoring a girl to join “The Mbokodo Club”. This can be done by donating R200 per month which will allow a young girl to access all elements of the project or an entire year!


Sign up here as a monthly donor: 


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Collaboration is the key to changing the lives of others.

Join us in the journey of Human Rights and Healing and become a Voice for Justice!

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