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At Caley Chiropractic 

Why Caley Chiropractic?
Why is the word “health” written as “HEALth” throughout Caley Chiropractic?
What can I expect during my first visit?
How many appointments will I need?
Does the adjustment or the assessment hurt?
Do you always take X-rays?
I have an MRI scan, does this replace an X-ray?
Is there an age limit (high or low) to those who can/should receive chiropractic care?
What is the popping sound?
Why do children see chiropractors?
I have had back surgery, can I still see you?
Will you adjust someone diagnosed with osteoporosis
Can someone attend my appointment with me?
Do you share information with my doctor?


What caused this in the first place?
Has my disc slipped?
I’ve heard that once you start seeing a chiropractor you always have to go.
Is that true?

What can I do to help?

Should I use ice or heat?
What position is best to sleep in?
What exercises or stretches should I do?



4 Elm Court

12A Kloof Nek Road (corner Burnside Road)
Cape Town, 8001

South Africa 


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