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  • Dr Glenn Caley


It’s not often you will see a symptom as a heading on one of our posts, but hear us out..

“I have a headache because”:

I’m stressed?

I don’t drink enough water?

It’s going around?


It runs in the family?

We have to ask...

Is this your first time you’ve been stressed?

How dehydrated did you need to be for it to start?

How long was it going around before you “got it”?

Did you have it when you started work?

The headache gene isn’t there - maybe it’s something you’re all doing? And maybe it’s time for it to run out of the family...?

SYMPTOMS are warning signs, and start once STRESSORS to your body are more than your body can continue to ADAPT to! Because everything physical has its limitations.

So, is the HEADACHE the problem, or is it the lack of HEALth and adaptability?

Chiropractic - improve your adaptability!


Caley Chiropractic


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