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  • Dr Glenn Caley


Imagine we’re not a mistake, a partially perfect collection of cells that can “kind of” survive on this earth without the help of man made science.

Just think about the billions of things that have to happen perfectly and simultaneously for us to form from a single cell to a living, breathing and adapting human being. Think of the way your body purges its toxins when it meets something detrimental to your HEALth, how it is constantly fighting bugs and invaders every second of our day without us noticing. The way it turns a lekker juicy hamburger into a cell that will make up your heart tissue and pump the blood around your body. The very blood that is constantly being made and replaced on a daily basis without us lifting a finger.

Why do we all know all of this, but doubt its ability when we are told it cannot do it alone? Why do we have more trust in chemicals, machines and other people’s opinion of what our body is able to do?

Your body is designed to be HEALthy. It is built to protect you, to adapt to its environment and respond to invaders. Of course, there are times when acute and emergency care is required. But this can (and should) be the exception. HEALth itself comes from within and cannot be bought in a pill, potion, lotion or syringe.

Take care of your body, make smart decisions for it everyday, it is the only one you’re going to get.


Caley Chiropractic


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