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  • Dr Glenn Caley

That touching your toes stretch - is it good?

Keeping our bodies loose and supple is important for many different reasons and I absolutely encourage everyone to keep up with their exercises. The purpose of this post is because this particular stretch and movement has seemed to cause a lot more problems in my experience, than it has benefits.

The problem is that whenever we have pain and stiffness we always think about the muscles and ligaments. This makes sense in a way as they are what are "tight" and so we try to actively loosen them. If we asked the question "why are they tight in the first place?" we would come to a different solution.

With focusing on the soft tissues and trying to stretch the back, we forget about one of the most important structural components of the spinal joint, the disc! The disc is the weight-bearing structure in our spine and is vital in its ability to move. Whilst trying to stretch the "problematic" muscles, we often sacrifice the integrity of an already compromised disc.

This is a simple explanation which is very important to understand and remember. If you have any question, please let us know. If you are feeling any of this discomfort, maybe your spine is letting you know that it is time for a check up.

Give us a call and we are happy to have a chat.

Keep well and smile.


Caley Chiropractic


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