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  • Dr Glenn Caley

This is how you explain Chiropractic to your loved ones.

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

pinched nerve

Look at this safety pin.

Imagine the clasp at the top being a BRAIN CELL, and the loop at the bottom being a TISSUE CELL (any cell in your body, whether it be your toenail or your heart). This closed complete circuit allows for communication so that the body (tissue cell) can tell the brain what it is encountering, and the brain can make any necessary changes to allow that cell to adapt&thrive. For example if I put my hand on a hot stovetop, I would hope my brain would cause the muscles in my arm to contract and move my hand.

Now imagine that same safety pin has been opened. So the brain is still hearing loud and clear what the body is saying, but the body can not receive the clear messages in how to best adapt to its environment. Would the same level of HEALth and HEALing be able to occur?

This is what Chiropractors do. We find the exact safety pin which has been opened, and we specifically close that gap to allow for a full closed circuit and better communication. Naturally.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Understanding HEALth and our bodies ability to HEAL does not have to be confusing. Next time someone asks you why you see a chiropractor, this is the best explanation I can think of. Let us know if you have other suggestions!

Keep safe, keep happy and keep HEALthy.


Caley Chiropractic


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