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  • Dr Glenn Caley

Three things causing ill HEALth to your body right now...

TRAUMA: Physical stress to your body which may be MACRO (slipping on the stairs, twisting to pick up that toy behind the couch, cleaning floors, DIY warriors in general) or MICRO (poor posture, slouching on the sofa, sitting reading a book or your cell phone, washing dishes) in nature. We can imagine a few of these during this time, but particularly the constant micro stresses.

TOXINS: Toxic chemical stresses to the body come in many forms. During this lock-down period these may include drugs (medical and recreational), alcohol, bleach and other toxic chemicals used to scrub everything down, cigarette smoke in the house, less fresh air and of course the virus itself.

Autosuggestion: Mental/emotional stress is what we usually think of when we hear the word “stress”. These I feel are our most DANGEROUS forms of stress right now. During this time these include financial worry, boredom, everyone at home constantly for the first time, fear in an unsafe home, the media, stories from your neighbours, your children’s education and of course the fear and stress of the virus itself. Don’t forget when your STRESS GOES UP, your IMMUNE SYSTEM GOES DOWN!

These 3 forms of stress are always working against our body, and are always repelled by our bodies own internal resistance and intelligence. When the stress outweighs your body’s ability to adapt to the stress - we start to see symptoms and dis-ease within the body.

So look at those 3 forms of stress in your own life and see what you can do to minimise in each area!

If your body is struggling to adapt and you feel the need to see us, we are open and here for emergencies during this time!


Caley Chiropractic


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