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  • Dr Glenn Caley

We live and experience our entire lives through our nervous systems

Stop what you’re doing for a second, stop everything and just be still. Take in all that is around you.

What can you see, how many colours, how many people? What are they doing? Does any of it invoke any emotion inside of you? Does it make you feel a certain way? Does it bring back any memories or remind you of something? Does it make you want to spring into action, or hide away? Does it maybe make you smile? What can you feel? Is there sunshine on your cheeks or perhaps a cold breeze? Is your tummy rumbling or are you feeling a little bloated from breakfast? Is your heart racing and can you feel the blood pumping through your system? Do you suddenly notice a headache or any pain? What smells suddenly become clear and where are they coming from? Can you hear any wildlife, or perhaps only your own breathing?

Now, do you think the person next to you, with the identical surroundings would see or feel the exact same things? Would they experience it in the same way? Did they smile when you did? Did they react the same? Do you think it is likely that they would have experienced the same emotions or memories as you did? What is the difference here? Your environment is identical isn’t it?

What we perceive as reality is not merely the stimulation that enters our brain, but is very much how our brain perceives and interprets that information.

This is the reason why Chiropractic care is so important for babies and toddlers, as their little brains and nervous systems are constantly being flooded with new information and sensations. People often ask why babies would need Chiropractic care, but I can’t think of a more important time to start if we understand the value in it.

We are constantly being told how stress is todays major killer, and how we need to find ways to reduce it. The most important factor in this is having a body which is able to relate to and correctly adapt to whatever it is that is stressing us out.

Chiropractic is about ensuring that your mental impulses from your brain are able to optimally flow through your body, so that we can not only function the way that we should, but we can correctly adapt to our everyday lives. This is the beauty of Chiropractic, and it reaches far greater depths than only neck and lower back pain.

This is an incredibly stressful and scary time to be living on earth, so let’s give ourselves the opportunity to live our best life through it.


Caley Chiropractic


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