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  • Dr Glenn Caley

What is the best way to give a chiropractic adjustment?

There isn't one, because no 2 people are the same

best chiropractic adjustment

This is why Gonstead Chiropractors have so many different benches?

We are all build differently. Our shapes, the angles of our discs, where we carry weight or what we feel comfortable with.

Our goal is to adjust the ONE specific vertebra causing your problems of poor HEALth, and to leave everything else alone. Having more options means that we can find the best fit for both you and for me! What works best for you on one visit may not be ideal for you the next.

The chair helps us to adjust the vertebra from behind and lift it up onto the disc. It also allows us to do this without twisting your spine at all.

The Knee-Chest table (Dr Glenn’s favourite) allows relaxation of the patient and to open up the disc space for ease of a gentle adjustment.

The pelvic bench allows for you to lie at the perfect height and for an adjustment to the lower back or pelvis to be made without effort or rotation.

Being specific about what we do, every step of the way!


Caley Chiropractic


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