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  • Dr Glenn Caley

What test would you use to assess your level of HEALth?

This is a great question (if I do say so myself), but it is also an extremely logical one.

We tend to use how we feel as our barometer of how HEALthy or sick we are, but in the same breath we know that most underlying HEALth concerns show no symptoms until they have caused many levels of destruction. We‘ve all heard of uncle Bob who was the fittest man we knew until he suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack.

If we are to measure true HEALth, it is vital to look at the level of adaptability of the body. How well can your body adapt to the ongoing stresses that we face everyday?

In the Gonstead system we understand the importance of having an objective measurement to help us determine WHEN the body requires an adjustment and when it is still adapting and needs to be left alone to do its job. This not only helps us determine WHERE to deliver the specific adjustment, but also when to take a step back and give your body more time between visits. Our instrument of choice is the Nervoscope, which reads subtle temperature differences on one side of the spine compared to the other. Specific changes in temperature may indicate underlying inflammation, as well as altered function of your autonomic nervous system.

Whatever it is you choose to use to determine your level of HEALth, make sure you take the time to give yourself the precision that your body and HEALth deserve.


Caley Chiropractic


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