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  • Dr Glenn Caley

Why would you come see us?


I believe that if you don’t fully understand the benefits of Chiropractic, you will find this question hard to answer (which would be my fault for lack of education).

As a Chiropractor, I check your spine for the presence of vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments). Subluxation of your spine causes interference to the flow of impulses between your brain and every cell of your body. If subluxation is present, using my hands, I adjust your vertebra in a specific direction to remove the subluxation. Once the interference is gone, your electrical communication system can once again function properly. With full and proper communication between your brain and body, the tissues will repair and be maintained to their full potential.

Basically speaking - we are allowing for the best possible communication between your brain and body so that your brain can co-ordinate your body functions.

You can compare this to your fuse box at home. If a fuse blows, the electrical flow is stopped and anything which is fed by this energy stops working. If this energy was controlling the refrigerator or freezer, for instance, it would stop functioning as it should. A slow thawing would begin. If you were to look at the freezer from the outside while going about your daily activities, you would probably not notice that the problem exists. You could go about your business and sleep peacefully through the night unaware of the severity of the problem. Eventually, the contents of the freezer would become bad. An unattended freezer sends no signal to you to let you know of the horrible condition developing. No bells, no whistles, no cries for help.

You would eventually notice an offensive odour. At last…a symptom! Investigating, you open the freezer and find that no power is reaching the freezer. Being logical, you check the plug. Nope…still in the wall. Tracing it to the fuse box, you discover the problem. One of the fuses is blown! A simple flip of the breaker switch in the correct direction, and the flow of electrical energy is restored. The freezer begins to work again. Now you shut the smelly food back inside, and it will all be as good as new, right? Of course not! Too much time had passed between the fuse box interfering and correction of the problem. The same happens with your body - once the interference has been removed healing will now need to begin, which takes time.

Ideally, you should have a master electrician on 24 hour duty constantly overseeing your fuse box. But that is impossible. Just checking the fuse box with regularity would be more sensible.

This is what Chiropractic should be used for. Is it logical for you to wait for the symptom or should your spine be checked with regularity? Once the food has rotted due to lack of power to the freezer, it is too late.

Which of your friends and family members do you think would benefit from being checked?

Look after yourself - you’re the only one who can.


Dr Glenn


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