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  • Dr Glenn Caley


natural stress relief

Stress - What is normal?

Our bodies stress response system (also known as “fight or flight” or sympathetic nervous system) does wonderful things to HELP us and SAVE OUR LIVES when required. These include reactions such as:

  • increasing blood pressure

  • moving blood from our organs to our arms and legs so we can get a move on

  • redirecting blood from major areas in our brain to our reactive area so we can adapt instantly

  • raising blood clotting factors, cholesterol, blood sugar and many others

  • increase our stress hormones so we can keep going

Isn’t our body incredible?

The only issue is, what if we aren’t actually in a stressful situation? What if your body is perceiving stress and therefore reacting to this constantly?

Our body is intelligent, it doesn’t make mistakes, but what if it can not comprehend its environment because the COMMUNICATION between the brain and body is being affected?

This would potentially lead to some pretty nasty daily symptoms, correct? Possibly some devastating long lasting illnesses too.

Oh, and our immune system isn’t able to function properly in this state either!

Chiropractors do NOT treat or cure any condition, our ONLY job is to detect and remove nervous system interference.

Gonstead Chiropractors pay very special attention to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system balance.

The bodies ability to communicate with itself is VITAL for true HEALth.

how to heal yourself

Rest, Digest and Heal

Your parasympathetic nervous system is where all the healing takes place. Where your body has the opportunity to redirect what is needed to wherever it is required.

This is what should be occurring in our nervous system and body when we’re not in a stressful environment and our body is able to relax.

It’s where we fall asleep, where we digest our food and where we “switch off”.

If our body is perceiving stress (whether it be constant pain or disruption to normal function) whether it exists or not, this is a state of our nervous system we seldom find our body moving into, or at least staying in.

Allowing your body to take toll and organise itself when it needs to is VITAL for HEALth and function.


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